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Today, on Planet 100, the climate bill is in chaos, blue jeans are far from green, and Hugh Hefner saves a historic park in Los Angeles.Climate Bill Chaos
The long awaited Senate climate bill has been put on the back burner as the sole Republican senator backing it, Lindsey Graham, has withdrawn his support.

This, after Senate majority leader Harry Reid's statement that before climate legislation immigration reform would take precedent in the Senate agenda, angering many in the green blogosphere. Some argue the move was an expedient one for Reid who is up for re-election and is reacting to the passage of Arizona's immigration law.

Others say Senator Graham was planning to jump ship along while Joe Romm claims to have sources who say the energy bill will come first after all.

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Dirty Blue Jeans
We all love our denim, but it's not every day that we think about what goes into making that pretty blue color. This week, CNN released a shocking video report from Guanzhou, China about the chemicals and crazy waste that go into making those babies blue.

Tons of untreated wastewater is flowing into the Pearl River delta, and you can even see the water dyed blue from satellite shots.

If this makes you think twice about buying a new pair, HuffPost green recommends going no impact by purchasing thrift store or vintage jeans.

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Hefner Saves Hollywood
The famed Hollywood sign and the 138 acres of pristine parkland it sits on has been saved by none other than Hugh Hefner?! A development company had slated the land for five luxury home sites worth $40 million each. But thanks largely to the grandfather of Playboy, a Los Angeles icon will be preserved.

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