Today on Planet 100: China Leading Clean Energy Race (Video)

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Today, Planet 100 explores claims that China is outpacing the United States and Europe in alternative energy production.Last year, the New York Times reports, China sped past competitors to become the world's largest producer of wind turbines. The People's Republic is also the world's largest producer of solar panels and is pushing hard to increase its production of nuclear power and higher-efficiency coal power technologies.

These developments, the Times says, raises a question: Will the West trade its dependence on the Middle East's oil for China's alternative energy equipment?

In a recent speech, President Barack Obama commented: "I do not accept a future where the jobs and industries of tomorrow take root beyond our borders—and I know you don't either."

Yet, in spite of government subsidies and stimulus money, domestic production of alternative energy technology pales in comparison to that of China—the country that will soon be the world's largest producer and consumer of electricity.

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