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Today on Planet 100, California votes down Proposition 23, a new study finds fresh cleaning fragrances might not be so clean, and a New Zealand wine maker is the first to put the carbon footprint on the bottle.Prop 23 Dead
Good news for the climate and the clean tech industry: California voters rejected Proposition 23 a ballot initiative sponsored by out-of-state oil companies that would have overturned the state's 2006 climate law.

It serves as a resounding referendum on California's trailblazing commitment to clean energy and climate action—and is a major victory in the face of a well-funded campaign by fossil fuel interests.

The defeat of Prop 23 allows California to prove to the rest of the nation that it is possible to reduce emissions, stimulate innovation, and create jobs at the same time.

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Unclean Fragrances
When looking for "all natural" "green" and "organic" personal and cleaning products, new research suggests those fresh fragrances you may be smelling aren't so clean.

Products tested emitted 420 chemicals, and unfortunately, companies aren't required to list the ingredients to consumers. Even "unscented" products aren't totally safe from potentially toxic fumes.

So which products are best to buy? I'd have to recommend breaking out the DIY products like baking soda and vinegar to be on the safe side.

Via: Chicago Tribune
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Wine Carbon Count
While we may know how much alcohol or calories are in a glass of wine, what about its carbon footprint? New Zealand's Mobius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has become the first in the wine in the world to list its carbon footprint directly on its label—letting consumers know exactly how much carbon emissions it took to get the wine into their glass.

Via: Good Clean Tech
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