Today on Planet 100: California Auctions Carbon to Reduce State Emissions (Video)

Today on Planet 100, California auctions carbon, genetically engineered corn causes organ failure in mammals, and Toyota births a baby Prius.First, California takes a big step towards curbing its own carbon emissions by implementing a state-wide cap and trade program. The program is expected to generate a a $20 billion annual windfall, of which 75 percent is expected to be returned to California residents.

Then, Monsanto falls under heavy criticism after a study is published showing the company's genetically modified corn, approved for human consumption, can cause organ failure in lab rats. Monsanto argues that the new study is not conclusive but the authors offer a rebuttal, pointing out flaws in the company's original testing methodology.

Finally, Toyota unveils a compact hybrid concept that may soon join the Prius family.

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