Today on Planet 100: BP's Ad Campaign Backfires (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, BP launches an ad campaign criticizing Gulf residents, garnering intense criticism, survival bunkers get the luxury treatment, and Planet 100 visits a star-studded gala in Los Angeles to celebrate World Oceans Day.

BP Backfire
Talk about foot in mouth disease, a week after CEO of British Petroleum, Tony Hayworth said he "wanted his life back," he's under fire again for an untimely $50 million ad campaign.

Ads which began appearing last week have been criticized by President Barack Obama and Gulf residents, who said the money should be spent on cleanup efforts and on compensating fishermen and small business owners who have lost their jobs.

One government official stated that BP's best advertising should involve fixing the leak and cleaning everything up.

Via: Huffington Post
Luxury Bunkers
A US company called Vivos is building luxury bunkers for the apocalypse. What are these bunkers actually going to protect you from? Super volcanoes, mega tsunamis, killer comets, nuclear war or any other major catastrophe.

They are stylish and equipped with computers, perfect for updating your Facebook status...about real zombies scratching at your hatch door.

Oceans LA
The stars came out in Los Angeles last night to celebrate World Oceans Day. Co-hosted by Nautica, Oceana and GQ, the event seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they were in our grandparent's youth...minus the full-body men's bathing suit.

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