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Today, on Planet 100, outrage towards BP boils, nurdles cause trouble, and women dominate recycling.BP Rage
With large quantities of oil washing ashore and a failed "top kill" maneuver, BP has succeeded in doing what no politician thought possible - uniting conservatives and progressives in a common outrage aimed at the oil giant.

Signs condemning BP have proliferated in the past few weeks and several anti-BP protests have been organized including one in which Code Pink protesters marched nude in front of BP headquarters. Boycott BP on Facebook now has over 100,000 members and a new group is calling for the seizure of BP assets to pay for the spill.

One thing is certain, as the extent of the oil spill travels to Alabama and Florida, BP-rage is only going to grow.

Trouble with Nurdles
3BLMedia submitted a Greenopolis story asking the age-old question, what's a nurdle? Well kids, a nurdles are the pre-production plastic pellets that all plastic things are made of. Approximately 60 billion pounds of nurdles are manufactured in the US each year which are made into all kinds of useful products.

Nurdles are also the name of the small pellets that these products eventually breakdown into when making their way through our waterways to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the swirling soup of plastic about the size of Texas in the Pacific, and thereby completing the circle of life.

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Women Recycle
A British survey reveals that older, married women topped the poll when it came recycling. 40% of women considered the recycling bin more useful than a microwave, while more than half of the 65 years old plus group considered the recycling bin "essential." Here's to smart old British broads.

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