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Today, on Planet 100, a survey shows boys are looking for eco-minded girls, a Russian farmer boosts his dairy cows' productivity by showing them television, and images of the Louisiana oil spill are captured from space.Boys Love Eco Girls
Want to know what men are looking for when it comes to love and relationships? It turns all the average American male really wants is a green girl.

A Timberland sponsored survey of 1025 American men found that eco friendliness is an important factor when deciding who to date. Over half would refuse to date a women who litters, while a quarter would question a woman who doesn't recycle or the left the lights on when she wasn't at home and 20% would dismiss a girl who drove a gas guzzler.

And you can forget about romantic dinners, more than 40 percent of men polled prefer an "adventure" date of hiking or rock climbing.

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Wacky Wednesday
YaddaYadda submitted a Gizmodo story about a Russian dairy farmer that wanted to see if exposing his cows to lush green fields of grass might make them more productive.

His solution...High Definition LEDs of course. He plans to screen footage of the lush green fields of the Swiss Alps half of the cows daily. The other half gets no TV. After a while he'll compare to see if it's effective.

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Oil Spill from Space
And finally, images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that continues to flow at a rate of 10,000 barrels a day has been captured via satellite by NASA. The incredible images of the massive spill show the scope of the damage that's threatening the coastlines, wildlife, and fishing areas.

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