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Today, on Planet 100, Botox injections might actually inhibit emotions, an electric motorcycle company faces off against big oil, and torrential rains cause catastrophic flood damage in China.Botox Kills Emotion
New Research from Barnard on Botox is proving a century old theory that a lack of facial expression can actually inhibit emotions. A group of individuals were subjected to emotionally charged video clips both before and after being injected by Botox, a cosmetic procedure which paralyzes certain facial muscles. The result: After being injected, the subjects had a significantly reduced emotional reaction.

So buyer beware, when you erase all those wrinkles you may also be erasing away your bodies ability to feel natural human emotions.

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Brammo vs. Big Oil
This week, two employees from a motorcycle company called Brammo that decided to retrace the trip of auto execs asking for bailout money on the world's first highway legal 100% electric motorcycle.

They documented their trip on twitter, and their website, These entrepreneurs wanted to show Obama what kind of domestically produced solutions we have to our energy and transportation woes—and wanted to give him a motorcycle.

Check out a video of what happened on their amazing journey on HuffPost Green.

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China Flood Toll
And finally, torrential rains and another broken levy in Central China, have pushed the death toll to 175, causing the evacuation of nearly 2 million people. 35 rivers have exceeded danger levels and the forecast sadly...nothing but rain.

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