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Today, on Planet 100, Bill Gates invests in cloud whitening, the long-term impact of the Gulf Oil spill is assessed, and New Orleans plays host to a clean-up benefit.Gates Engineers Clouds
A new study finds that the Earth maybe too hot for human habitation by the year 2300, and now many are looking to radical geo-engineering solutions for global warming.

Billionaire Bill Gates has just funded a San Francisco-based research institute called Silver Lining to test their new "cloud-whitening" technology—which would reflect sunlight back into space thereby slowing the effects of global warming.

Some environmental groups call such large-scale trials risky and call for a global ban on geo-engineering experiments until UN regulations have been established. Now here's Katherine Goldstein with Web Vine.

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Web Vine: Oil Impacts
The offshore well is still leaking into the gulf and while everyone is focused on the short term impact of cleaning up the mess, there are serious long term consequences—whole generations of fragile species wiped out, higher cancer and miscarriage rates, years of damage to the $2.4 billion gulf seafood industry.

Another question is how the Gulf oil spill will effect that outcome of the just unveiled Kerry-Lieberman climate bill.

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Gulf Aid Benefit
New Orleans will play host to the Gulf Aid benefit concert Sunday to support relief efforts for those affected by a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Lenny Kravitz, Ani DiFranco and Mos Def are among the headliners. Proceeds will benefit fishermen and their families, whose livelihoods depend on the Gulf.

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