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Today, on Planet 100, rebounding grizzly populations in the United States pose some problems for neighboring humans, a new series explores the world of real food, and Eva Longoria pokes fun at the Lady Gaga meat dress.Unbearable
U.S. grizzly bear populations this year have reached their highest levels in decades, but some experts say the comeback could be bad news for bears and for humans.

At least 603 grizzlies now roam the greater Yellowstone region, more than three times the number in 1975, when grizzlies were added to the endangered species list. The number of bear attack on humans has also increased and the problem may be partly tied to climate change. Milder winters have helped bark beetles obliterate white-bark pine, whose nuts are an important food source for grizzlies.

So rather than eat nuts, berries and other plant-based foods, grizzlies are now focusing more on meat including human beings.

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Hungry to know where your food comes from? Check out the TV show Nourish from PBS which targets "regular" Americans curious to learn more about real food.

Hosted by Cameron Diaz, Nourish features interviews with an all-star cast of the sustainable food movement including Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Jamie Oliver and Anna Lappé. Nourish celebrates food, tracing its journey from seed to table and investigates its impact on climate change.

Nourish presents food as a powerful movement which can transform the direction the world is headed in.

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Eva Hams It Up
Eva Longoria poked fun of Lady Gaga's meat outfit when she went on stage dressed as a ham at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The actress and owner of the green restaurant Beso in Las Vegas joked that Spanish Ham was one of her colors.

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