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Today, on Planet 100, James Cameron visits the amazon, researchers notice mushroom yields increase when exposed to electricity, and Saturday Night Live takes aim at Sarah Palin.Avatar in the Amazon
Hollywood director James Cameron recently paid his first ever visit to the Brazilian Amazon, which inspired his block buster movie, Avatar.

Decked out in orange face paint, Cameron joined indigenous people in their fight against the Brazilian government's plans to build the huge Belo Monte dam. Environmentalists say the dam, which would be the third largest in the world, would flood hundred of square miles of the Amazon and dry up a 60 mile stretch of the Xingu River.

Stopping the dam has become a personal crusade fro Cameron who plans to go back to the Amazon this week with Sigourney Weaver in tow.

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Electrified Mushrooms
Japanese researchers have made the startling discovery that mushroom yields multiply when struck by lightning, good news for country with a culinary obsession over fungi.

The four year study from Iwate University bombarded ten varieties of mushrooms with jolts of electricity with electrifying results: 8 out 10 varieties grew at an increased rate with shiitake yields doubling and nameko mushrooms producing 80 percent more mushrooms.

As to why this occurs, researchers can only hypothesize that the mushrooms are giving themselves a reproductive boost in response to danger.

Palin TV
With the controversy over Sarah Palin's Wild Alaska TV show, Tina Fey reprises her popular role as the ex Governor of Alaska, one-upping the Discovery Network by launching her very own TV network. Fictional shows include Hey Journalist I Gotcha which exacts revenge on Katie Couric and Are You Smarter than a half-term Governor?

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