Today on Planet 100: Arnold Terminates Offshore Drilling (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, Arnold Schwarzenegger withdraws his support for offshore drilling, the Rainbow Eucalyptus wins an award for the most colorful tree, and one TV station replaces paper scripts with iPads.Governator: No Offshore Oil
In light of the Gulf catastrophe, many are criticizing President Obama for continuing to support offshore drilling, but earlier this week, Gov. Schwarzenegger took the historic opportunity to withdraw his support for drilling off the Californian Coast.

The former movie star said TV images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico made him change his mind about the safety of ocean-based oil platforms. The Republican governor had earlier proposed expanding oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara County to help plug the state's $20 billion budget deficit, a deal worth some $100 million a year.

Governor Schwazenegger has had a mixed environmental record—as evidenced by his hydrogen powered Hummer. Environmental groups are pleased to see him back on track.

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Rainbow Eucalyptus
YaddaYadda submitted a Environmental Graffitti story about the weird Rainbow Eucalyptus that wins the award for most colorful tree.

The strange colors are caused by patches of bark shedding at different times. Shed pieces of bark go from green, to purple, to maroon over time. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are cultivated around the world for pulpwood along with the black velvet tree, and blacklight bush, for poster creating purposes (kidding)!

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iPads Replace Scripts
Television station WXFL in Albany, Georgia, has given its news anchors iPads to replace paper scripts. As well as being on the cutting edge of technology, the company that owns the station, Barrington Broadcasting, believes it will save $2,000 a month in printing, paper and repair costs. Not to be out-greened or out-teched Planet 100 has swiftly adopted the same policy.

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