Today on Planet 100: Another Vanishing Glacier (Video)

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Today, on Planet 100, a glacier in Greenland cleaves a mile of ice overnight, the Chevy Metro is the last diesel vehicle in the XPrize 100 MPG competition, and IKEA says "adjö" to incandescent lights.Vanishing Iceberg
An iceberg twice the size of New York's Central Park has broken off Greenland's Jacobshavn glacier causing it to retreat one mile inland.

Most strikingly the event took place in just one night, that's equal to the average ice loss for nearly two years. Thomas Wagner, cryospheric program scientist at NASA, believes climate change and the warming of the oceans may be responsible for the ice loss observed throughout Greenland and Antarctica.

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Diesel Chevy Metro
BITW has shocked the automotive world with its modest Chevy Metro conversion that is now the last diesel standing in the XPrize 100 MPG competition. Damien Somerset interviews contestant George Voll.

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IKEA's Bright Idea
IKEA—home of the stylish, affordable yet infuriatingly hard to put together DIY furniture—will start phasing out those old fashioned incandescent bulbs in the U.S. this summer, replacing them with new LED's & CFL's. What a bright idea!

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