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Today, on Planet 100, a humpback whale travels a quarter of the globe and breaks the known record for animal movement, BP costumes are extected to the the year's most popular, and the 20th annual Environmental Media Awards are ready to begin.Record Breaking Humpback
In a record-breaking journey, a female humpback whale has travelled across a quarter of the globe, a distance of at least 6200 miles.

The event—the longest documented movement by a mammal—is double the distance that the whales typically migrate each season to new breeding grounds. The female whale was spotted and photographed twice—once at its regular breeding ground in Brazil in August 1999 then two years later off the east coast of Madagascar.

The scientists were able to identify the animal from photographs that were taken of its tail, or fluke.

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BP Halloween
Move over political masks, it looks like this year's most popular Halloween costume will be one that pays tribute to corporate horror.

All across the Gulf Coast and the country, the costume flying off the shelves is a green jumpsuit covered in oil with BP in a sunburst logo over the left breast. The BP stands for "bad planning," according to its creator, a Long Island company called Fun World.

The company plans to produce more than 10,000 suits, with several dollars out of every sale, going to families affected by the spill.

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20th EMA Awards
The 20th anniversary of the Environmental Media Awards will be held in Los Angeles tomorrow night. The event, which will be populated with celebrities like James Cameron, Eva Mendes and Darryl Hannah, seeks to honor actors, musicians and organizations that convey environmental messages in the most creative and influential ways.

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