'Tis the Season to Deny Climate Change: A Very Fox News Christmas (Video)

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'Tis the season! A time for gathering together with family, rolling out the holiday decorations, weathering an interminable cascade of Christmas tunes, avoiding unbridled consumerist bum rushes, and enjoying those winter wonderlands. Of course, those winter wonderlands inevitably lead to another fine seasonal tradition: Fox News highlighting snowy weather to mock climate science.

Not a year goes by without Fox News using a snowstorm to crack jokes about global warming or to run truly vacuous 'Isn't it ironic?' stories when someone attempts to address climate change during the winter months. Of course, no scientist has ever suggested climate change means the immediate end of winter.

In fact, their models predict that we may see more snow flurries, since warmer air holds more moisture, which means more precipitation. And, or course, Fox News never bothered to mention climate change in light of the record-breaking droughts and scorching summers experienced around the globe. Not that we'd expect it to; it's crystal clear by now that the network isn't a news outlet all, but a mouthpiece for the conservative agenda du jour.

So, to celebrate Fox's breathtakingly ignorant approach to one of the most important scientific topics of our age, Media Matters has compiled a Greatest Hits of lame, Fox-y climate denial. Enjoy!

'Tis the Season to Deny Climate Change: A Very Fox News Christmas (Video)
Every year, Fox News uses snowy weather to baselessly mock climate change. In this video, Media Matters collects some of the most egregious examples.

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