Tiny House Has Two Kitchens (Video)

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Image credit: Paul Wheaton

They might not be for everyone, but tiny houses have a lot going for them. They use less materials, consume less energy and, crucially, they encourage inhabitants to live with less. From life inside a tiny 7'x12' portable house to an off-grid DIY cordwood home built for $2500, we've already learned many of the tricks of life in a smaller home. Here we visit Feral Farm once again to look at another mini-dwelling.

And this one even features two kitchens!

Given that outdoor kitchens seem to be a trendy feature in mega-mansions, it's heartening to see that the same luxuries can be achieved at a tiny fraction of the cost. And once again we see how restricting the amount of space you have leads to simpler, but smarter, solutions to everyday living.

From moving summer cooking to the outdoor area; to carefully designed storage, to the necessity of picking very carefully what you really need to own, tiny houses are really about much more than just smallness—they are about encouraging mindful living.

And because living with less costs a whole lot less, it also frees people up to do what they really want to do. Whether that is campaigning, conservation, farming, or simply working less and playing more, for those willing to make the attitude adjustment there are big payoffs to be had.

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