A tiny camper coffee shop wants to make your caffeine jolt less wasteful

Kin coffee couple
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You walk into your morning meeting to the smell of fresh coffee, only to find out you are stuck with another box of generic coffee. Talk about disappointment.

KIN COFFEE is trying to change that with their new mobile catering venture. The pair bought a 1974 Scotty Serro Vintage Camper and began remodeling it to serve as their coffee catering business.

"It was a beautiful 1974 vintage mess that came from an exhibit in the MOMA/PS1. It found its way to a local restaurant where the lovely owners believed in our vision and sold it to us. After that moment, we hit the ground running doing renovations, sourcing the best ingredients and building our Kickstarter," KIN COFFEE says on their site.

The cash from their Kickstarter campaign, if funded, will go to purchasing supplies to fully convert the vintage camper into a working mobile coffee catering shop and bring great coffee to events in New York City.

"We believe a quality cup of coffee is determined by the sourcing of its ingredients. All of KIN's products aim to support the local community and environment. Instead of just making a smaller imprint, we want to make a positive addition to the world we live in," the founders explain on their Kickstarter page.

Aside from great coffee, founders Mike and Tabi want to fill this need in the catering world while being no waste and energy efficient. "Over 80 percent of human waste is construction materials and we want to help change that," explains the site. "We find salvaged building materials instead of buying new ones."

The camper will be equipped with a full espresso bar and beverage cart, all solar-powered. They will both be made out of reclaimed materials. After you enjoy your cup of jo, toss it at the on-site composting since they will be serving you in compostable-friendly cups.

Best yet, if they surpass their goal, they will hire a local ceramist to make their reusable mugs.

As for the ingredients, they will be all locally sourced. They will be using plant and nut-based milks without stabilizers or gums, cow's milk from local farmers, a fair trade, locally roasted coffee and organic sweeteners.

Maybe your next office meeting won't have sad box coffee. You may walk in and see KIN COFFEE serving you great coffee while leaving no waste behind.

A tiny camper coffee shop wants to make your caffeine jolt less wasteful
KIN COFFEE wants to bring you the best coffee without any waste and the best ingredients — all via a vintage camper.

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