Timelapse of Wind Turbine Installation Shows That Visibility Matters(Video)

timelapse wind turbine installation photo

Image credit: Ecotricity

When Ecotricity installed a wind turbine at a solar factory, commenters were divided over whether it was a significant step forward, or a publicity stunt. Either way, it was one more wind turbine producing significant amounts of green energy—and that energy was being put to good use manufacturing even more capacity for renewables. But there was another important benefit of this project worthy of note—namely the siting of gigantic wind turbines in already industrialized, and highly visible, locations. A new timelapse video of the installation drives this point home beautifully.
Ecotricity has long been a pioneer of stunning urban wind turbines, and while some questionable math has been used to critique these installations, there does seem to be more public acceptance for turbines that aren't located in open countryside or areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Besides being a cool piece of film—this timelapse video illustrates the other benefit or urban turbines. Besides not attracting opposition, they also serve as a very real, powerful billboard for the potential of renewable energy—each single car passing by in this video is getting a reminder of what our clean energy future could look like. Like the refrigeration warehouse going solar in Baltimore, the more we can embed the idea of renewables as an integral part of the 21st Century landscape, the better chance we have of busting through the destructive status quo.

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