Time to Buy a Quad - Biggest Sand Dunes Get Bigger with Climate Change

Sand Dunes at Sunset with Tracks

Image via: Getty Images

One of the many other "changes" (benefits?) to come our way, scientists now predict, is the growth in the worlds largest sand dunes, reports New Scientist this week. We're talking sand dunes that are 500 meters or greater and we're definitely not advocating for racing quads over sand dunes this tall (or any height for that matter).Sand dunes are believed to form when smaller dunes crash (merge) into each other. The larger dunes are then formed when these giant dunes are tall enough to interact with the lowest boundary layer in the atmosphere. The thickness of this lower layer is what affects dune size, with a thicker layer causing dunes to build up taller. Warmer temperatures, and a warming atmosphere are causing the layer to thicken, and thus create enormous sand dunes. These massive dunes tend to be found inland, in desert areas, where the warmest temperatures are located.:New Scientist
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