Three US West Coast Governors 'United In Opposition To Offshore Drilling'

california oil spill cleanup governors united in opposition to drilling photo

The oil lobby easily sways the US Federal government. Congress is wet lacustrine clay in their lobbyist-stained hand. West Coast governors: not so malleable; and, more practical.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, joined with Democratic Govs. Ted Kulongoski of Oregon and Chris Gregoire of Washington to reaffirm their opposition to opening undersea oil fields to new drilling, as part of an elaborate action plan for preserving coastal waters.
Healthy fishing and tourism industries have a high net present value that accrues directly to residents of the three states (covering the entire US West Coast). Oil leases contribute less, and pose a risk to existing industries. We might call the three West Coast Governors the "anti-cartel." Their stand is more like delta-Nigerian than Washington DC-ian: looking out for the direct interests of their constituents.

US Gulf Coast State Governors are, in comparison, seemingly much more compliant. Via::LAT, 3 West Coast governors oppose new offshore oil drillingImage credit::SF Sentinel, Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco Bay.

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