Three Thousand Form Human Sign for Clean Energy


Over three thousand people gathered on a New South Wales beach, on Australia’s east coast to make a statement about global warming. They weren’t lead by any radical activist group, but by an orthopaedic surgeon, Mathew Nott. He’d read 'The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery on New Years Day 2006. Perversely it was the hottest day ever recorded in his region, by four degrees. Realisation dawned. The sign he organised on the beach used human bodies to spell out CLEAN ENERGY FOR ETERNITY and then reformed to spell IMAGINE. When not organising such community-based statements, Mathew is agitating for his Shire to set a renewable energy target of about 30% by 2020. “Now that's going to take some major shifts in the way we think about energy and the way we utilise energy but I think it's entirely achievable we just need the will." He also wants council to adopt hybrid vehicles, an electric bus service and build more bike paths. This is personal for Mathew. His local region has had the greatest percentage reduction in rainfall of anywhere in Australia. via ::ABC News Online.