Thousands Of Tons Of Potentially Toxic Iron Dust Dumped In Ocean Without Permit

Giant Trevally photo

Giant Trevalley fish off Australian coast, expressing the full horror of being geoengineered by a bit of rust in the dust. Image credit:wikipedia

News filtering out of Australia indicates a massive geoengineering of the Southern Oceans, done without the necessary government approvals, and with no regard whatsoever to potentially adverse 'ecosystem impacts.' Iron oxide laden dust, originating from the Lake Eyre Basin area of central Australia, reportedly has blanketed the ocean surface from the Australian coast to New Zealand. The iron-fertilizer-in-the-ocean "dump" came on so suddenly, even Greenpeace was caught off guard. (Otherwise, there surely would have been banners of protest.) At least we can rest assured this poor Trevally fish, a plankton feeder found off Australia's coast, probably never knew what hit him. New Zealand's Business Scoop has the gory details.From the story: Risk of respiratory illness as dust descends.

...10 very dry years over inland southern Australia and very strong westerlies have conspired to produce these recent storms. One storm last week passed over Melbourne to New Zealand and we are currently analysing dust collected last week from the Southern Alps of NZ.
The way they're experimenting, you'd think those mad scientists from Lake Eyre had never heard of 'the ecology.'
"The sky is "red" because of sunlight absorption by the suspended dust. Australian desert dust is much redder than, say, Saharan dust due to its higher iron oxide content, which absorbs blue light. In storm events like these, Australia "freely exports" large quantities of iron to the oceans, which can fertilize plankton blooms. These blooms may play a beneficial role in climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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