Thousands Ask Univ. of Michigan Stadium to Go Solar

via internet science tech

From the Redskins' huge solar installation to a solar-powered NASCAR track that mows its grass with sheep, major sporting venues can be an ideal location for solar power. From large expanses of rooftops and parking lots to their high energy needs to their visibility (symbolism and visibility are hugely important in the early days of the ongoing clean tech revolution). But it's not just the pros that have an opportunity to pioneer a clean energy future. In fact, thousands of college football fans are ramping up the pressure—signing a petition to ask the University of Michigan to install solar on The Big House—the largest college stadium in the country:

Despite a number of impressive efforts on campus to improve U of M's sustainability (including an initiative to use recycled caps and gowns at this year's commencement), University officials continue to resist efforts to put up solar panels, claiming it isn't cost effective. But if they can make it work in Seattle and Philly, surely Ann Arbor can work too. Besides, it shouldn't all just come down to the bottom line in terms of dollars--universities are places for educating, and this is a unique opportunity for U of M to educate and lead a large new sector in sustainability: college stadiums.

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