Thomas Friedman: And the Color of the Year is....

friedman-ts-190.jpgThomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist and author of The World is Flat, on the growth of living and thinking green: "For so many years the term "green" could never scale. It was trapped in a corner by its opponents, who defined it as "liberal," "tree-hugging," "girly-man," "unpatriotic," "vaguely French." No more. We reached a tipping point this year — where living, acting, designing, investing and manufacturing green came to be understood by a critical mass of citizens, entrepreneurs and officials as the most patriotic, capitalistic, geopolitical, healthy and competitive thing they could do. Hence my own motto: "Green is the new red, white and blue." He goes on: "Because while our embrace of green has finally reached a tipping point, the tipping point on climate change and species loss is also fast approaching, if it's not already here. There's no time to lose. "People see an endangered species every day now when they look in the mirror," said the environmentalist Rob Watson. "It is not about the whales anymore." Does Malcolm Gladwell get a royalty everytime someone says tipping point? Friedman is behind the ::New York Times subscription fence but it was picked up by


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