This Woman is Leading the Charge to Green the Nations' Schools (Video Interview)

Interview with Rachel Gutter, Director of the Center for Green Schools
At last week's Climate, Mind, and Body conference at the Garrison Institute, speaker after speaker offered up food for thought on how best to engage the climate problem. Along with speakers such as Bill McKibben, David Orr, and Paul Hawken, the event was attended by prominent climate thinkers like Andrew Revkin -- but to my mind, it was a relative newcomer who stole the show. Rachel Gutter is the Director of the Center for Green Schools at the US Green Building Council (got all that?). She's the one leading the charge to make schools across the nation healthier, cleaner, and more energy efficient. I sat down with Rachel so she could better explained Green Schools' mission, and how its work is integral to the broader climate solution.

First things first -- what is a green school, exactly?How far have green schools come since the push has begun to clean up the nation's learning institutions?

And finally, green schools go far beyond "eco bling", as Gutter calls it -- rooftop solar panels, green walls, and so forth are certainly important, but not necessarily available to schools with strained resources across the country. Green schools are for everyone, as Gutter explains here:

This is just a nice, brief introduction to the good work that the Center for Green Schools is doing. For more details on the program, see the group's website.

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