This Week in Huffpo: Biden, McCain, and Politics

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How Biden's Foreign Policy Experience Supplements Obama's Climate Policy
While the traditional media has largely focused on touting Biden's long tenure in the Senate and foreign policy expertise as key assets that will add gravitas to the Democratic campaign, it has spent little time examining how the Delaware senator's experience could supplement Obama's policies in other areas (the obvious ones being national security and foreign affairs, of course). Though it may not seem obvious at first blush, Biden may end up proving most valuable to Obama in lending his foreign policy chops to tackle climate change. ::Jeremy Jaquot
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Wrapping Up Our Plastic Habit...In More Plastic Not surprisingly, our world is awash in disposable plastic cutlery. Google Answers' best estimates put annual production at about 40 billion pieces in the USA alone. Seem outrageous? Just tally your own consumption, or that of your office, in a two-week span and then calculate your personal annual consumption. ::Graham Hill
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From the Olympics to Sears, Wearing Recycled Bottles Goes Mainstream
From PET plastic bottles to pull tabs, tomorrow's fashion will probably be made of trash. In recent months, recycled soda bottle fashion has become increasingly mainstream. ::Mairi Beautyman
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Green Car News This Week
Transportation has a huge impact on the environment, and figuring out ways to make mobility greener and cleaner is at the top of the priority list. Lets have a look at some of the green(er) car news items from the past week: ::Michael Graham Richard

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"Ethical" is About More than Politicians' Choices "Green" is a term that gets bandied about far too often these days; it's become very popular to brand yourself as such, and that's a double-edged sword: more general awareness is good, but watering down the term to encompass more than it should is not. As education and information about environmental friendliness continues to spread, it will not be enough to simply be "green." Where will we go from there? The concept will expand from "green" to "ethical." ::Collin Dunn
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Expensive Oil = American Jobs McCain says "Drill here, drill now!" to reduce the price of gas, but every time the price of oil goes up, more jobs return from China, and first to the basic heavy industries like steel. Why does he hate the rust belt states? Or, for that matter, Mexico? ::Lloyd Alter

Why John McCain May Have More Green Staying Power
Gal Luft is the most hated man in Riyadh, Detroit, and Des Moines, according to Esquire Magazine who's voted him as one of America's brightest in 2007. Luft, who also happens to be Israeli, is pretty vocal in Washington about getting America off foreign oil. e_b_121794.html">::Karin Kloosterman

Dealing With The Variability of Renewable Energy Forces Us To be Smart The thing about fossil fuels is that they enable utilities, planners and policy-makers to, in effect, be dumb. Because fossil fuel is essentially stored solar energy, the fuel can simply be pulled out of the ground, transported to a large power plant and burned. No attention needs to be paid to wind speeds, cloud cover or tides. ::Andy Posner