This Week at GOOD: Pop-Up Education, Emerging Cities Innovations, a Murder Map


A quick round-up from our pals at GOOD:

We began the week by applauding the monumental, grassroots climate-action events mobilized by, receiving a lovely email from Paris, and viewing another Brooklyn on a wall. We learned how technology can ease traffic, that pop-up education can really inform, and in which countries murder is most and least prevalent.We also released a new video on innovations in emerging cities, enjoyed another dispatch from AYM 2009, bemoaned the shortcomings of corn ethanol, and observed the harvesting of some illicit crops.

There's a new book cataloging bizarre cartography, a new take on the ethics of animal consumption, and a new name for a new neighborhood in New York. And you can now find our transparencies in poster form.

And don't forget about Kiva's fourth birthday party or Los Angeles's summit for urban renewal!

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