This Week at GOOD: Dispatches from the Alliance of Youth Movement Summit, Biofuels Fact and Fiction, and Your Daily Water Use


The latest from our GOOD friends:

On Monday, we learned about an Atlanta museum dedicated to an exploration of the sometimes divisive and abstract concept of patriotism.

We got thoroughly punked by the Yes Men, who held a mock news conference (as they are want to do) at the Chamber of Commerce.We also started getting dispatches from the Alliance of Youth Movements summit in Mexico City, a conference of young people who are moving the world forward.

We overheard a conversation between Wooster and the street artist C125, who discussed a cat in Paris.

We urged developed nations (like ours) to pay our climate debts, lost our appetites over some sickness-inducing foods, and kicked off a new series dedicated to the fact and fiction behind biofuels, namely algae.

It dawned on us that the United States is a food wasteland, that there is potential for Eastern tradition in the American Southwest, and that the SAT needs some revising.

Be sure to check out our new water video, and don't forget that GOOD Senior Web Editor Andrew Price is blogging from the 2009 Pop Tech conference.