This Post Burned Two Trees, Endangered Three Species, and Created One Dime-Sized Hole in the Atmosphere

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Okay, so this heading is far fetched by quite a stretch of imagination, but it poses a very interesting question for us green bloggers and green websites in general. If information is power and the spreading of knowledge is considered progress, at what point is too much of a good thing, well, too much?Internet has both the potential to do both a lot of good and a lot of bad in the world. It is estimated that the Internet itself soaks up approximately 152 billion kilowatt hours each year (in par with the aviation industry) according to New Scientist, and it is only getting started!

The Good, The Bad, and The Internet
Businesses urge us to go green and paperless, using the Internet to pay our bills. We bank online, keep in touch with friends and relatives, work, shop, pass the time when bored. Quite frankly, there is very little of our lives that are not connected to the Internet in some form or fashion.

While in many ways the Internet is a saving grace, saving fuel for those who no longer need to travel to the office and saving trees by offering an electronic means of communication. There is another side. A side where the convenience of all this technology is being abused, spending countless hours ravaging YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, watching pointless videos and taking silly quizzes.

It has been said that for every 1,000 searches performed on Google, enough C02 is emitted into the atmosphere to equal over a mile of driving in a gasoline vehicle. While many people stay at home and shop, which is touted as a good thing, they sometimes forget that somebody still has to drag the items to their front step. In many cases such items are coming from hundreds of miles away, rather than a few blocks from a local merchant.

A Moral to this Story?
Well, quite simply, the Internet can become a very effective means to green the world, but it must be used responsibly. Otherwise it will become a contributor to the problem, rather than a solution. It is with this idea in mind that I ask this question, how many of you are aware that your internet usage poses a threat to the environment?

The less comments received... perhaps the more you all are aware! Think about it...

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