"This is the Biggest Civil Disobedience Action in the US this Century": Bill McKibben

Two weeks of sustained protest concluded outside the White House yesterday. Over that time, over 1,250 people were arrested in order to send a single, simple message to the Obama administration: Do not approve the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline, currently pending approval, would carry the exceptionally dirty tar sands oil 1,700 miles from Alberta, Canada to American refineries along the Gulf Coast.

Just as the final protesters were being arrested right outside the gate separating Pennsylvania Avenue and the president's residence, I caught up with Bill McKibben to get his thoughts on the event's conclusion. McKibben, one of the nation's foremost environmental authors and thinkers, has been the protest's key spokesman. He was instrumental in organizing, mobilizing, and publicizing the event. But proud though he may be of everyone who lent their support throughout the last weeks, he knows the work is far from done.

Here, he addresses a crowd gathered for a rally to mark the end of this round of action:

For more videos and commentary on the colorful, inspirational events of the day, see my coverage of the Tar Sands Action here.

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