This is About More Than Just Climate Change - It's a War Over Decency & Sheer Bloody Selfishness (Video)

Back in December, as COP15 was approaching its endgame, George Monbiot spoke at the Fresh Air Center. At the time I remember it being particularly moving and funny (Monbiot has a particularly good sense of humor: "It's like call a bombing campaign the delivery of unwanted packages...") but when I came across the Australian Youth Climate Coalition's video of the event, I remembered just how right on Monbiot was that night.

He really states something crucial: The current focus may be on climate change, but what we're talking about really is something much, much greater than that.As George says, once we manage to get on climate change, if we manage to do that (not assured...), right behind it is peak oil, peak water, peak phosphates, biodiversity losses, all sorts of other environmental problems of frankly just as great magnitude. Ultimately it's about recognizing that economic growth, as measured by ever-increasing ecological throughput and consumption of natural resources, cannot go on indefinitely on a finite planet.

We are at a transition point in the human evolution, in planetary evolution, and I'd argue (though Monbiot might call it fluffy...) evolution of consciousness itself. How we choose to evolve determines our fate.

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