Third Gen Mobion Chip is 25% More Efficient, That Much Closer to Fuel Cell Powered Gadgets

mobion fuel cell chips photo

Photo Credit: MTI Micro
MTI Micro is one of the leaders of off-grid power solutions, and the newest generation of their direct methanol fuel cell engine core, the Mobion Chip, shows a 25% power performance improvement and a 25% size reduction. Translation: We’re that much closer to going cordless for mobile devices. The Mobion MicroFuel Cells use methanol cartridges for energy. The newest version of the Mobion Chip produces over 1800 watt hours per kilogram of energy from the methanol fuel feed. In other words – it gets a whole lot of output form the energy source. It even has the potential of being longer lasting than Li-Ion batteries. Plus, it’s quite a bit smaller than previous incarnations, making it more suited to the increasingly smaller hand-held devices we all tote around.

MTI Micro wants to provide gadget owners the ability to charge their devices cordlessly, and these improvements get them that much closer to fulfilling their goal, and gets us that much closer to fuel cell powered doo-dads.

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