"Think Outside the Bottle" Becomes a Rallying Cry


In case you've got a thirst for bottled water, think again... Because it's far more energy efficient to use a refillable bottle and the liquid right out of your tap than having it shipped vast distances in a plastic bottle that winds up needing to be recycled in the end.

And while I'm willing to bet there's plenty of Treehuggers who knew that already, the folks at "Think Outside the Bottle" are hoping to start a major trend in the right direction, convincing young and old alike to take a pledge that they'll switch from the ubiquitous and trashy plastic bottle to one that lasts a whole lot longer and can be refilled on the go...

Of course if you do that you'll be saving more than a bit of the green stuff as well as the planet. Ensuring that the cash you earn stays in your pocket, and maybe even giving you the chance to point some green in the direction of a terrific cause or two this holiday season.

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via:: Think Outside the Bottle

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