Think Green: As Green as You Have to Be


With green in the news and increasingly in the spotlight every day, many businesses are trying to take advantage of this popularity by hopping on the green bandwagon. Too often, these are token efforts dismissed as greenwashing, but we know of one company who isn't taking the quick-'n-dirty, get-green-quick approach; instead, they're committed to taking steps to improve the environment while working hard to grow their business, too.

As a paper company, Dunder Mifflin has realized that promoting new tree growth is important for the planet, as well as for their business; that's why they plant a tree for each and every metric ton of paper that they ship. They look at it as an investment in the future because without trees, they have no paper and without paper, they have no business. This sensible transparency is succinctly laid out in their green slogan: As Green As We Have to Be.TreeHugger knows that every green business can't be perfectly green, and we don't want to promote the idea that perfection is what the green movement is all about. That's why we like Dunder Mifflin's approach; they aren't trying to be something they're not, and not trying to paint lipstick on a pig and talk more green talk than they can back up with enough green walk. The company tells it like it is, plain, simple and straightforward. It's important that they strike a balance between sustainable business growth and sustainable business practices -- they're trying "to make the world a better place while not simultaneously running us out of our own business" -- and they appear to have done it.

We already mentioned the tree-planting initiative that happens at the higher levels of the company; their commitment extends to each of their employees, at each of their branches: "In Albany, we have a full-scale printer-ink recycling program in effect. In Camden, employees have adopted their very own stretch of highway. Even our Scranton branch has gotten in on the action with a 'one cup per day' policy at their water cooler. Around the company, Dunder Mifflin employees are making a difference and we're proud of that."

Every little bit helps, even when it comes to paper companies. And like their website says, "Just because we're a paper company, it doesn't mean we're not as green as everyone else." Get the full story at ::Dunder Mifflin: Think Green

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