Think Eco-Logical Pushes IT Sustainability Home with Businesses

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Think Eco-Logical is a new program launched today by BPM Forum and Rackable Systems to educate businesses that sustainable IT practices are what will get them through the recession, and is the only way forward in the climate crisis.

The initiative addresses business issues like digital media, entertainment, Internet, data trafficking, and eCommerce and shows how these areas of business can be handled in energy effective and environmentally friendly ways, saving money and the planet.

"IT departments have a great opportunity to be the catalyst for environmentally and fiscally responsible initiatives," said Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the BPM Forum. "Think Eco-Logical cuts through the eco-hype by going deep into vertical markets to uncover real-world business drivers and pain points specific to those industries and offering impactful best practices that can be implemented today."

Over 200 IT professionals are working with Think Eco-Logical through the BPM Forum, showing how the IT end of business can work hand in hand with environmental concerns. They won’t have to work terribly hard at convincing businesses of the validity of the program – 96% of market survey respondents feel that these issues are high priority already. So now it’s a matter of providing valuable content and way-aheads.

Through original content, assembled insight and contributions from leading industry influencers and associations, Think Eco-Logical creates a reservoir of intellectual capital for organizations dealing with the challenges and business opportunities around environmental responsibility. “The Think Eco-logical initiative is intended to help companies which have been struggling to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint," says George Skaff, vice president of marketing at Rackable Systems.

It seems like every other week we’re hearing of a new initiative to cut data center power draws, increase server efficiency, run data centers on renewables and so on. While it can seem a bit redundant, initiatives like Think Eco-Logical are vitally important. Data centers are a massive drain on power, and there are countless ways to cut back. Organizations that push for better IT efficiency are a much needed help in that effort.

The increased demand for Internet services like music, video downloads and massive volumes of Internet search queries are placing a huge strain on the nation's energy infrastructure as well. One single Google search consumes 2 to 8 watt-hours of energy. Factor in hundreds of millions of queries a day, and it translates into well over a billion watt-hours of energy consumed daily just for Internet search on Google alone.

Yep, we do indeed want businesses to take Think Eco-Logical and other similar organizations up on their offer of help.

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Think Eco-Logical Pushes IT Sustainability Home with Businesses
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