Things Go Better In Hybrid

Coca-Cola Enterprises is purchasing 5 hybrid delivery trucks for use in New York City; By the end of next year, it will have 120 nationwide. Reportedly Pepsi is planning some deliveries based on the same vehicle design (heh heh).

... the shiny new red-and-white trucks will have 32 percent better fuel economy. And the hybrids' greenhouse-gas emissions will be 90 percent less than those from regular trucks, according to the manufacturer of the new vehicle.

Coca-Cola's transition to hybrid trucks is part of a push by urban delivery companies to cut their greenhouse-gas emissions. As with the hybrid cars, demand for the green trucks is so strong that companies such as Coca-Cola are willing to pay a 35 to 40 percent premium over the cost of a normal delivery truck. Both FedEx and UPS are also building hybrid fleets in urban areas. In return, the companies cut their fuel consumption.

See previous coverage of the hybrid truck maker, Eaton Corp, here, and here and here.

Via::Christian Science Monitor, Image credit:CSM

Things Go Better In Hybrid
... the shiny new

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