Things Fall Apart, but Some Big Old Things Don't


Eugene de Salignac, NYC Municipal Archives

We need investment in green infrastructure, but there is so much of the old stuff hanging around. Matthew Wald of the New York Times asks "Is the country relying too much on decaying infrastructure, the capital investments of generations long gone?"

He notes that there is a good reason why big old things — pipes and bridges, nuclear reactors and even spaceships — stick around. In many ways, they are like your grandmother’s dining room set: big, bulky and hard to remove. And in a lot of ways, it makes more sense to keep the old stuff than replace it with something from Ikea.

However he concludes by noting that climate change may make infrastructure replacement necessary. "Airlines fly some very old airplanes, but new ones promise to save so much fuel that the old ones may be finally put out to pasture." ::New York Times