These Rock and Rollers Are Carbon Neutral


"We are stardust, We are golden, We are billion year old carbon". Finger on the buzzer if you can identify that oldie but goldie....It seems that Crosby Stills Nash & Young are still around, still doing concerts and still fighting the good fight. These ageing rockers have been politically committed since the 1960's and they wear their politics on their sleeve and in their music.

This summer they toured North America performing their new album and used 100% bio-diesel fuel for their entire convoy of buses and trucks. They racked up 220,000 miles over the year using their alternative fuel choice, which made them 78% cleaner than before. And they offset 100% of the tour's greenhouse gas emissions and are now officially carbon neutral for 2006. They did it by teaming up with RoadShow (event planners) and TourNeutral. TourNeutral, in association with DriveNeutral, is the only legally binding way for touring acts to offset their emissions.

This is done by purchasing and permanently retiring credits from the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)--a kind of stock exchange for pollution. Counter-culture to the end, CSN&Y; are the first rock group to use this new way to achieve a zero footprint. As for the lyrics--that's right: it's Woodstock: "And we got to get ourselves back to the garden". :: DriveNeutral

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