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Even in an ugly election year -- one for which conventional wisdom holds that even mentioning the words 'climate change' can do political damage -- certain candidates are nonetheless betting on sound science. A handful of candidates for governor, senator, and representative are refusing to back down against the rising tide of candidates who are bucking science in an attempt to score easy political points. It's something voters should keep in mind as they head to the polls today:
These candidates (and incumbents) are taking a potentially unpopular stand and fighting back against their opponents' statements that man-caused climate change isn't real or a threat -- all by simply voicing support for what's now considered standard climate science. These are the candidates that are standing up for sound science and forward-thinking clean energy and climate policy:

  • CA-SEN: Barbara Boxer
  • CO-SEN: Michael Bennet
  • PA-SEN: Joe Sestak
  • WI-SEN: Russ Feingold
  • IN-09: Baron Hill
  • NY-25: Dan Maffei
  • OR-01: David Wu
  • RI-01: Dan Cicilline
  • MA-GOV: Deval Patrick
  • OR-GOV: John Kitzhaber

Brad Johnson at the Wonk Room explains why these folks are so commendable:

The 2010 campaign season has seen a horde of climate zombies shuffling towards Washington, DC -- hundreds of Republican candidates who question the threat of greenhouse pollution as a scientific conspiracy or hoax. A few Democrats have fought back against the Tea Party anti-science wave, making the argument that people who choose oil propaganda over scientific fact might not be the best leaders for this nation. Surveying the races, the Wonk Room has found climate hawks taking a stand for sanity against the climate zombies from coast to coast, including Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA), Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Rep. Dan Maffei (D-NY), taking it to their challengers in debates, press conferences, and campaign ads
Some of these candidates and politicians are facing truly tough election battles today, and it would probably be easier for some of them to jump on the anti-science band wagon and spout aphorisms about job-killing or taking something or other back from Washington.

But they have the integrity to stand up for what they believe in -- which, in this case, happens to be a scientifically-observed reality. It's worth considering this as you head to the polls today -- in a culture that's increasingly tuning out science and education, we need public leaders who will fight to support some of the most important institutions we have.

Read more about each of the above candidates at the Wonk Room.

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