The Year Ahead With Alexandra Zissu

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Who: Alexandra Zissu, journalist, co-author of The Complete Organic Pregnancy, Kids' Editor at New York magazine, and "Ask An Organic Mom" blogger at

Eco-resolution: Oh there are many! Including:
• Master the worm bin, a.k.a vermicomposting. (This involves finding a place for it in my small New York apartment).
• Convince my daughter's new preschool to use nontoxic and environmentally friendly products (such as cleaning and art supplies, toys, etc.) and to serve organic snacks.
• Write as much as possible for as many publications as possible on green, environmental, and organic topics. • Continue my year-to-year goals of eating as locally as possible, greening my environment as much as possible, and generally spreading the word. This includes the maddeningly impossible task of making sure everything I replace or bring into my home is the greenest version possible. Mattress, furniture, computer, toy, television companies and so on all must comply!
• This brings me to my next big goal: convincing Brita to make a glass pitcher for their counter top water filters. For those of us who avoid plastic whenever possible, it's beyond ironic that these pitchers are made of plastic.

Outlook for '08: My projection/fantasy is that in 2008 more and more regular household staples will join the slush pile that already includes toxic toys and chemical-laden baby bottles. (Good riddance.) The Natural Resources Defense Council recently conducted a study showing that air fresheners contain hormone disrupters, for example. Parents who formerly didn't pay attention to this sort of thing have their ears perked up (thanks to the aforementioned lead-tainted toys and sippy cups that contain Bisphenol A). They're becoming savvy consumers and—even better—angry activists. The more this large-and-growing crew pressures the government for better standards, oversight, and legislation and votes with their dollars by only purchasing environmentally friendly, nontoxic, safe-for-kids items (which often means nothing at all: Who needs air fresheners? Buy some plants and open the windows), the more companies will have to offer truly good items. It's a simple case of supply and demand. Can't you see an organic parent uprising (pacifist, of course) happening? The California toxic toy ban is an excellent first step. The ball is rolling.

Sadly, I also predict that Brita won't make me that limited edition glass or stainless steel pitcher—though they should.

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The Year Ahead With Alexandra Zissu
Who: Alexandra Zissu, journalist, co-author of The Complete Organic Pregnancy, Kids' Editor at New York magazine, and "Ask An Organic Mom"