The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2009


And one of them is Iron Man. Image via Fast Company

Which company would you bestow the honor of 'Most Innovative' upon for its performance in 2009? Would it be a mammoth like Google, for continued innovation and investment in technologies of the future like clean energy and smart grids? Would it be a decades old entertainment company like Disney? A social media service like Twitter, which allowed protesters in Iran some much needed freedom of press? A solar technology company? A utility? Okay, enough with the speculation--here are Fast Company's most innovative companies of the year.Here are the first top 15 companies in Fast Company's annual list of 50:

1. Facebook - Ranked 15 Last Year
2. Amazon - Ranked 9 Last Year
3. Apple - Ranked 4 Last Year
4. Google - Ranked 2 Last Year
5. Huawei - New!
6. First Solar - Ranked 18 Last Year
7. PG&E; - New!
8. Novartis - New!
9. Walmart - Ranked 33 Last Year
10. HP - Ranked 12 Last Year
11. Hulu - Ranked 3 Last Year
12. Netflix - New!
13. Nike - Ranked 27 Last Year
14. Intel - Ranked 6 Last Year
15. Spotify - New!

And while not all of these companies are necessarily pushing the green envelope, I think you'll find a common thread in forward looking policies, environmental consciousness, and when applicable, a commitment to cleaner technologies. For the full list, and an interactive feature explaining the rankings, head over to Fast Company.

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