The White House Speaks Up for a Carbon Cap

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There's been some talk in the Senate about splitting a climate bill up into two bills; one that would set renewable energy targets, and one that would establish a cap and trade. There's also been some unfortunate nods towards eliminating a carbon cap from a bill altogether--an idea pushed by an influential Democrat, no less. But stripping the cap on carbon removes the core of the bill--and the White House knows it. The Obama administration delivered some strong words on the necessity of a carbon cap today--here's what they said.According to Climate Progress, in the first public statement from the Obama White House on the idea of scrapping a carbon cap, "Carol Browner, Director of White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, said that it would be a "big mistake" if Congress passed a clean energy bill without a cap on emissions" at the Clean Energy Economy Forum today. She drove home the point that a long term incentive is necessary to drive innovation and development in clean tech.

And Browner wasn't the only one speaking out--Energy Secretary Stephen Chu had some strong words in favor of a carbon cap as well:

Chu said a shrinking cap and rising carbon price was "very, very important." He said it is the part of the bill "that really means something," and "the rest is just carrots."
Chu then noted that on our current emissions path, St. Louis, Missouri, will soon be spending 1/3 of the year above 90 degrees F. Hope their beloved arch is heat-resistant.

Finally, the Secretary of Commerce spoke up in favor of increasing spending on clean energy projects--noting that China is spending $12 million an hour on clean energy. To get anywhere close to matching that, we're going to need some major private sector investment--and for that, we're going to need some major incentives. And for that, we're going to need a carbon cap in the climate bill.

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