The Weather Channels Launches One Degree


One small step in the mainstreaming of global warming science in the US, one giant step for mankind: The Weather Channel (who has one of the most popular websites on the internet) has just launched its first "broadband channel", One Degree. Their stated goal is to "create a national dialogue around and humanizing the impact of climate change". They call it One Degree in reference to the "one degree of warming that has occurred in the last century and the fact that what seems small – just one degree – can make a big difference in the climate and in people’s lives." In fact, the sub-title on the website is "One degree can change the world".


One Degree is a video-centric, interactive web experience presenting both general information and bringing into focus how climate change is affecting people’s daily lives. One Degree is a part of an overall initiative at The Weather Channel called Climate Watch, which also includes The Climate Code with Dr. Heidi Cullen, a new weekly program airing Sundays at 5pm.

The website is easy to use: The video player, which is front and center, has three tabs: 1) Causes 2) Effect and 3) Solutions. But clicking on them you can access many videos on a multitude of topics in each category. They generally last between a minute and a half and five minutes. The goal is to make the information easily accessible to the general public, and so far they seem to be succeeding at that.


Dr. Heidi Cullen, a climatologist, is the host of the video segments. It's good to see that they found a scientist who's also good in front of the camera instead of only going with someone who's good at reading a prompter. Dr. Cullen seems very involved with the project, which is always good.

One Degree video content will be a mix of original content developed exclusively for the site and content from The Weather Channel network. Initial original video programming focuses on the 7-year-long Nebraska drought and its impact on the rest of America. Future features will be dedicated to looking closely at the confusion surrounding climate change and what some in the US are doing to attack the problem. [...]

At launch, perspectives will be found from influential scientists, authors and educators such as Michael E. Mann, Associate Professor, Director, Earth System Science Center ; Dr. Caspar M. Ammann, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Spencer Weart, author of The Discovery of Global Warming; Charles Wohlforth, author of The Whale and the Supercomputer and Dr. C. Ronald Carroll, Professor, Institute of Ecology and Co-Director, River Basin Science and Policy Center, University of Georgia.

But video's not everything. The Weather Channel seems determined to turn One Degree into a full-fledged resource with guest bloggers, link directories, news, glossaries, etc.

We're very excited about this project and will definitely keep an eye on it. Dealing with the climate crisis has to be at the top of the agenda, so kudos to the Weather Channel for their initiative! ::One Degree. See also ::The 4 Stages of Global Warming Denial