The Weather Channel and National Environmental Education Foundation Offer Big Grants for Teachers

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When I discovered that The Weather Channel (TWC) had teamed up with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) to create the National High School Challenge and offer grants of up to $10,000 for teachers to enhance environmental education in their schools I must confess I was a bit stumped. After all, that's a boatload of cash to use in just one class or even group of classes, so I dug deeper to determine what they're looking for in your entry and discovered that it's all part of an innovative program to improve environmental education in ways you might not yet have imagined.And it turns out they're looking for your wildest dreams; things you believe just might be able to bring environmental education to new levels with your students if you were able to, and they're looking for your creativity to shine through. And it just may be that a field trip to enhance the learning experience is a part of the process.

Promoting Environmental Literacy
The whole idea is to promote environmental education in high schools, where studies have shown levels of environmental education tend to fall off, and where it's crucial that we engage students who are about to enter the world and begin making the types of decisions that can have a real impact.

They're also looking for teachers of every subject area to put in an entry in hopes of fostering environmental literacy across subject areas. As Meredith Smith, VP of Climate Strategic Marketing at TWC puts it, "We're not just asking science teachers; so it can be teachers of Home Economics, Physical Education or even English as long as they are a formal educator at the high school level."

Education Grant Categories
Now there are three groups of grants, with the first being for individual teachers, the second being up to 3 teachers on a collaborative effort, and the third group being to help provide professional development for teachers looking to improve their own knowledge base and teaching ability.

And as you might expect they'll be looking for places where it will make the biggest difference. With the winning entries being shared as part of their Classroom Earth program so that teachers in other parts of the country can be inspired by what you've accomplished.

But hurry, because the deadline for entries is June 20th!

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