The Way the Web Works: More on WiFi at Lakehead University

So here is an interesting chronology: On January 21 we read an article in a small Canadian IT magazine and filed it away for a post. A month later, we wrote about the no WiFi policy at Lakehead University. It was picked up by a blogger who was smart enough to send it to boingboing. It was picked up by engadget and then Reuters and soon it was in newspapers all round the world. Today there is a long article in Canada's National Post interviewing Fred Gilbert of Lakehead (who isn't worried just about WiFi but is seriously concerned about all EMF sources) and in it is: "The next thing to go is electricity at this university," declared one headline; "Why not tear out power lines and transmission towers?" wondered another; and "I'm donning my tinfoil hat and moving my router," -that's us in Treehugger. Reading the article, one becomes less derisive.::National Post