The U.S. Department of Energy's ARPA-E Announces $100M for Energy & Clean Tech

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Photo: Public domain
Get Ready for Lots of Acronyms
At the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (ARPA-E means Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy), the U.S. secretary of energy Steven Chu announced $100 million in Recovery Act funds for clean tech research in fields related to energy. The three main areas that are getting funded are: 1) Grid-Scale Rampable Intermittent Dispatchable Storage (GRIDS -- The DOE really loves acronyms), or ways to store energy on a very large scale, 2) Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology (ADEPT), or better ways to convert and switch power around, and 3) Building Energy Efficiency Through Innovative Thermodevices (BEET-IT), which is mostly about "energy efficient cooling technologies and air conditioners for buildings."Here's a promo video by ARPA-E. It's mostly an interview with Dan Nocera of Sun Catalytix. Some interesting stuff, but not many numbers:

This is in addition to other recent DOE money infusions. For example, $1.37B in Loan Guarantees to BrightSource Energy for 400 MW and a $1.4 Billion Loan to Nissan for LEAF Electric Car.

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