The UN Needs You! Millions of Signatures Sought to Seal the Deal on Climate Change

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We're in the home stretch before the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen, taking place at the start of December; and the United Nations is pulling out all the stops, seeking millions of online signatures for the Seal the Deal! campaign. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon himself is calling on people around the world to add their voices to the petition demanding a fair and effective climate change agreement:Climate Deal Smart Investment for the Future
Calling efforts to combat climate change some of the "smartest possible investments we can make in our future," the Secretary-General raised the call to action,

Time is running out. Scientists warn that climate impacts are accelerating. Now more than ever, we need political leadership at the highest level to protect people and the planet, and to catalyze the green growth that can power the 21st century economy.

With just 15 negotiating days remaining before the start of COP15, now is the time for people in every corner of the world to urge their governments to seal a far, effective and ambitious deal in Copenhagen.

Interesting that "ambitious" is in there. In the past few weeks, Ban Ki-moon has criticized G8 proposed emission reductions as being inadequate -- too far below what climate scientists say is required in the short- to mid-term to keep global temperature rise below the critical 2°C threshold.

We Need a Green Economy for 9 Billion People
Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim Steiner added,

A scientifically-credible deal in Copenhagen can catalyze a transition to a low carbon, resource efficient green economy which is so essential on a planet of six billion people, rising to over nine billion by 2050. As such, it will represent perhaps the biggest and most far reaching stimulus package of 2009 and beyond.

If you haven't already, head on over to Seal the Deal 2009 and add your name to the online petition.

Also, check out the events of Global Climate Week, September 21-25, for more ways you can personally take political action on climate change.

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