The UK in 2040: Predictions for the Future

If you are a fan of scenario-planning, or if you just like to give your imagination a little leash, you might enjoy taking a tour of the ADAS website. To celebrate 35 years advising government, agricultural and rural sectors, ADAS specialists have put their many expert heads together and come up with 35 predictions of how the UK will look in year 2040. Called "BlueSky 35", the predictions are intended to encourage debate and assist with policy planning for the future. Even if you do not call the UK home, you will find many of the predictions require only a small speculation to apply to your own backyard.

Our favorite:
#18. Point of sale livestock welfare video: live digital media links will allow consumers to see the farming conditions when selecting meat in the supermarket.

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#6. Landfill Mining: driven by pressure for recovering available landfill space to meet the disposal needs of the future as well as resource shortages, landfills will be opened up for recovery of recyclable materials.
#8. Farming in the new climate: the UK will achieve self-sufficiency in producing navy beans for baked beans and the quality and quantity of British wine will increase greatly.
#12. Farming water: in order to adapt to the changing rain patterns induced by global warming, farmers will design reservoirs and wetlands to collect the winter rainfalls and release the waters back to the environment during the drier summer months, to allow irrigation of crops without significant negative impact on stream and river flows. (see number 16 on micro-hydropower for other ways to take advantage of the heavy winter rains expected.)
#13: Energy crops challenge food for agricultural land: History repeating once 20% of the British countryside was dedicated to energy crops: oats for horses! In the future, biomass production for fuels will have to be balanced against feeding the growing population.

Of course, not all of the predictions are as optimistic as our favorites. To see the whole lot of them, check out the ADAS website here.