The Time is Now: Bibi van der Zee on Organizing for Climate Action


With the recent launch of the I Count Communities Map, and the Mayor of London calling for pollution taxes on aviation, it seems the momentum may be building, in the UK at least, for tough political action on climate change. What better time, then, for the UK’s National Climate March which will take place in London on the 8th of December (as part of a global day of action). For TreeHuggers living in the UK who want to step up and demand change, Bibi van der Zee’s blog post over at the Guardian has a few ideas on getting organized:

When a movement has the tide running behind it filling those buses is always easy, but for some reason the climate change activist movement has not reached that peak yet. A bit of gentle nudging is needed. So, start by looking on the Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC) website to see if there are any existing groups in your area that you can join forces with. You may be urgently needed to hand out leaflets, send out emails, take minutes, paint banners - there's always stuff that needs doing.

As Bibi argues, the time for a huge political movement on this issue is long over due, so we hope that activists in the UK, and around the world, are going to be keeping busy through November… ::Campaign Against Climate Change::via The Guardian::

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