The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative

Ireland has brought us Edun's organic, fair trade clothing by Bono and wife, Ali, and houses made from hemp. But it's not just the grass which is green in Ireland. The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative have a clean, easily navigable web presence to showcase "the world of Sustainability, Permaculture, Ecological Design, Green Building, Renewable Energy," Their Directory lists hundreds of "groups, organisations and businesses that are active in the field of sustainability", while the Resources section contains umpteen articles written by practitioners in their respective fields. A green map is also offered for Dublin showing the location of recycling facilities, (shown here). Organic food markets, green businesses vegetarian restaurants, and like, are due to to added soon. 'Cultivate' is their living and learning centre (it's a real place, not a website), that amongst other goals, "seeks to provide effective integral solutions to the issues of peak oil and climate change."::Sustainable Ireland Cooperative